Twig Pencils

As of today, I have started making twig pencils. Here is what they are: I will sell you one for $1.00 and I will give it to you as soon as I see you. Comment If you want one. You can pick forked or straight. If you do not come to merrie meadows then you will pay for shipping. … [Read More...]

The Airshow

On Saturday we went to Culpepper for an airshow. It was really fun. We got to see old warbirds. There was a harrier there. It was the only privatly owned harrier. Kolby, Bryant, John, Luke, Granddad, Dad, and I went. The parking was really confusing. out front they had some neat cars parked. We met a nascar wheelin driver. … [Read More...]

At the library

Yesterday we went to the library. We were meeting some people in the homeschool co-op. We did a trivia game show that was kind of like Jeprody. Our team came in second.I had just learned about Venn Diagrams and one of the questions was what shapes overlap in a Venn Diagram. I got that point. … [Read More...]

September Camp

From the 4th to the 7th we had camp at the meeting hall. It was really fun. On Sunday we went to the Boys and Girls club. We played basketball there. One night we stayed at Luke's house. … [Read More...]

My Violin

Right now I am learning to play the violin. I am taking lessons. It is one of the hardest instruments to learn. I can play the A major scale. It is really fun. … [Read More...]


For my Birthday we went camping at a state park near First Landing State Park. We rode bikes a lot. We even got a free private 6 person golf cart ride on my b-day! We called some owls with a bird … [Read More...]

My Birthday

This week we went camping for my birthday. It was really fun. I got a Camelback and a telescope. After I opened them Dad said there was one more thing. I opened the bay door and saw a violin. Mom said … [Read More...]


On Sunday the 3rd, we got woken up early because we had to get ready for brickfair. Brickfair is a lego convention that has games, places to buy stuff, and also displays. While I was there I bought … [Read More...]

First Day of School

On august 3 we started school. I am still doing it on the computer. This year I am doing Spanish. The military uses the brand I am using. Bryant is also doing school on the computer. … [Read More...]

Florida Trip, Part 3

Key West was warm! There was a seven mile bridge to get there. We did a lot of trolly touring. Dad rented a paddle board one day. It was fun to go all the way down there just to do 1 hour of work!We … [Read More...]