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The Bucket Truck

Mr. Matt`s Boss let Mr. Mat use his  bucket truck to give Mr. Mat`s  kids a lift. He called Us over to give us a lift too. You can see how high we were in these pics .


Luck Stone

Can you guess what I did? I went to a Luck Stone Quarry 29 and saw a water truck and Frank the combine, the front end loader. The water truck had 1 nozzle on the front and 2 on the back. They filled up the water truck with rain water stored in a 60 foot lake.  At the end Mr. Stan (that was the guide’s name) gave us kids bags with a rock, sample, pencil, and frisby. My rock had fools gold on it. 8-17-12

My Birthday!

My birthday was August 17. Carson, Brooks, John, and Luke were there. My cake was a space shuttle. One of the things I got was a camera. It is black and silver. And I got a alarm clock that when you plug it in it automatically sets, and it sets on daylight saveings time.

Uncle Jeffs boat

We went on a jet boat .It was Uncle Jeffs .We did doughnuts! Our fastest speed was 55 miles per hour!


South Carlina Here We Come!

We went to South Carlina and we swam in Uncle Jeff ‘s pool, and we rode on his jet boat. That was the best! We were with Granddad, Grandmother, Uncle Eric, Aunt Jeannine and their boys.

Science Museum Of VA

We went to Science Museum of VA. I liked crashing trolleys. This is how you play. You build a wooden trolley and roll it down a ramp into a ben (bin).