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Thanksgiving day

Thursday, the day of Thanksgiving, we had Grandmother and Granddad, Uncle Eric and Aunt Jeannine and their family over. We had so much fun! We played Nerf guns and Lego. For breakfast we had aebleskivers which were like pancakes but round balls. 11-22-12

The Richmond Marathon

Saturday, we went to the Richmond marathon because Mrs. Elizabeth Martan was running 26.2 miles! After we went to their house for dinner. The date was 11-10-12

Mrs. Elizabeth is in the middle in black and yellow.

Uncle Ned’s House

Sunday, the 11th of November, we went to Uncle Ned’s house (that he was building). Before we started working I couldn’t find my goggles so when I was getting upstairs some sand-like sawdust got in my eye from the top floor. During dinner I got eye drops and after dinner I tried to open my eye, and it didn’t hurt. And I forgot to tell you that Mom fed me because I couldn’t open it. So after dinner I thought it was funny.

Charge Men! My Knight Dress Up.

One day, Grandmother brought over some castle stuff, like a ton of dress up, and a really old toy castle. She told us (just kidding)Granddad had been lifting a castle, but it was the toy one.

Me in my dress up

Bryant in his dress up

The Rock Crawler Jeep We Saw

One day Dad, Bryant, and I went to a jeep shop. It was neat! At least 90% of the shop was jeep parts. The left over 10% the people there were in. They were working on a rock crawler jeep, getting ready to race in Texas.

Our Leaf Fort

We made a leaf fort. It is neat ! True green is coming so we have to blow it down. It has walls and even a kitchen( for Kaylin)!