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My 2 Week Break

Starting on the 21st(12-21-12), I have a 2 week break! Here are some things I want to do: tell jokes (like1+1=a window). I also want to play with my Lego dump truck.

Hampton Roads Naval Museum

Saturday, 1st, Grandmother and Granddad and our family went to Hampton Roads Naval Museum. We had so much fun! There was this balloon twister and I got a sword.

My sword and I

Also, there was a battle ship called U.S.S. Wisconsin.

turret on the U.S.S Wisconsin

U.S.S. Enterprise

11-29-12. Granddad, Grandmother, and our family went down to Norfolk to tour the U.S.S. Enterprise(an aircraft carrier). It was so much fun! The part I liked was the wege board(the board that the people onbord plan where they are flying)

Our School Projects

Here’s some projects we did for school. First we made Chinese hanging lanterns. You get 1 sheet of 12 by 18 paper then, color a picture on it. After you do that, fold in half and on the folded side, draw a light line 1 and a half inches away from the folded side . Then every inch, starting at the open edge, cut a line, stoping at the line you made at the top. Then unfold, overlap and staple together. Then, after you do that, every 3 inches around the top punch a ¬†hole and put 1 piece of string in every hole. Then, you hang it.

My hanging lantern

Then, we made a  puzzle for 3-D glasses. Now, we are working on a 3-D castle.

Our New Tent

For Dad’s birthday, Mom got him a tent that has a garage for bikes! The doors of the garage open from the top (hooks up to the top) and we could get some poles that you open the garage doors and hook the poles to the bottom of the door and make a porch. Inside the tent there is two pieces of cloth that come together and zip to make 2 rooms.

My Play mat, And Play Bulldozer

The third Sunday of November, Aunt Gigi gave me a 2 in 1. The 1st thing is a play mat that you can drive cars on. The last (but not least) is the bulldozer.