Archives for March 2013

My New Lego Cars

On Friday the 15, Mom, Bryant, and I went to Lollipop Shop (a kids sale), and looked around.  Bryant wanted a cherry picker but then he decided that it made to much noise so he wanted and ended up getting a LEGO Power Miners rock buster and when you drive it, a orange thing goes in and out! I got two  LEGO 3 in one cars, one green and one yellow This is what  the yellow car makes: a sports car with flip-up doors,  a semi truck and a racecar. Speaking of racecars, did you know that racecar is spelled the same backwards and forwards? OK back to the LEGO. The green car makes a racecar, a hot rod, and a sports car.

the cars

My Trip To Town With Granddad

Last week, Bryant and I went to town with Granddad to see Toying With Science at the Paramount Theater. After that, we went to the discovery museum and played for an hour. We had so much fun!

Fixing Our Roof

On Friday after getting home from Lollipop Shop, DadBryant, and went up on the roof to fix the boots on our plumbing vents. Dad handed the old boots to Bryant and I and we threw them down. The we nailed the new boots down. Hopefully it fixed the leaks that we had.

The Sound of Music

On the 10th, Granddad, Grandmother, and our family went to the Sound of Music at CYT(Christian Youth Theater)in Richmond. Ann Marie, Rose Ellen, and Catherine Marten rode with Granddad and Grandmother. Luke, Kenly, and Josh were there. We had so much fun! I liked a part near the end of the play when a bad guy pulled a luger(a kind of German gun) on the family but didn’t shoot. I liked all of it.

Our Dremel Car

2 weeks ago, Dad, Bryant, and I went to Lowe’s a little bit too late. Earlier that day, a person would demonstrate using Dremel tools with a Pinewood Derby race car that came with wheels, ready to carve into whatever shape you want. But that was at 10o’clock and we came after 10. But then like a week later on Friday on the way to the mens gathering, Dad stopped in and they said that the season was over. Then, the next day, Dad went to Lowe’s and they gave him the very last pack! And we are still working on it.