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Last Night

On the 19th, Bryant and I dressed up funny for our compony and made them laugh! We just threw stuff over our heads  and then walked out. On my goodbye costume I wore a orange wig.


On Friday we left for Apple butter. I peeled apples fast!  I also got apples for Brooks, who was cutting apples. Camp went from Friday to Sunday. John never came because he left for Kentucky on Friday.

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When Grammy and Papa Were Here

On the 12, Grammy, Papa and Caden came to our house. They stayed until the 15(which is Dad’s birthday). We played basketball a lot! We also played lego police. He made a really cool boat/ski mobile. We also played monopoly.

Mail Attachment

Mail Attachment



On the 17th Uncle Brian and Aunt Casey and us went to Williamsburg. We went to the cooper! We did REV QUEST which was a thing that we thought we were working  for the Americans in a club called Crossbones Club but we were working for the british and so we joined a different club called the Eagle Club which was truly American and when we were done we got a kerchief and a coin! While we were there we saw a play.IMG_3126

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October Science Expirements

On October Secant we did a science experiment on molecules. We put hot (I tested it was hot!) Water in a jar and cold water in a jar. Then we put food coloring in. The hot water dissolved the food coloring faster then the cold water.


We made molecules out of gumdrops and marshmallows.



Our Yard Sale

On the 5th of October we had a yard sale. Us kids sold muffins, cookies, and drinks. We made $49 and we were selling each for 50 cents! I made $1.50 plus the money from the  muffins, cookies, and drinks! I am going to buy a LEGO space shuttle.


On September 16 I think it was we (the stogstoles, Uncle Brian and Aunt Casey, and us) went to Jamestown. The day after we were there the “Godspeed” was going back to England. We got on the “Susan Constant” and the “Discovery”. The Discovery (space shuttle) was named after that ship! We did not get on the Godspeed because they were getting it ready to sail.


My Birthday

On Friday, Carson, Books, and John went home from soccer with Me. For my Birthday, I Had a sleepover. Everybody stayed until Saturday.