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Science Museum of Virginia

On the 13 of December, we( Granddad, Grandmother, Dad, Mom, Ann, Landon, Blain, Bryant, Gracie, Cora, Lori ann, And I ) went to the Science Museum of Virginia. We saw a movie called Rocky Mountain Express. We also went to an exhibit called Boost! It was my favorite thing. The Train engine number in the movie was 2816 and we have a book called Rocky Mountain Railroad and I’ll bet it has 2816 in it!

When We Went to John’s House

On the 15 of December we went to John’s house.  We played hide and seek, spy, and read Tintin and Calvin and Hobbes. Kaylin got to get eggs for grandmother. Kolby played with Allie and Andrew. James turned on the radio.

Air Racers 3D

This is kind of a add on to What We did When Mom and Dad Were in D.C. So on the 3rd of December we(Mom, Dad, Bryant, Blain, Granddad, and I) went to D.C. to see a movie and a lecture. On the way there, it was slow( I couldn’t believe we made it in time)! The people giving the lecture were 2 of the people in the movie!  Some of the parts that they put on their P-51 mustang could not go on a stock P-51 mustang. On the way back, we got junior frosties at Wendie’s(they were 2″ tall!).

IMG_4042 IMG_4044 IMG_4043

The Orange Gym

On Sunday, the 24th of February, we went to the Orange Gym with our friends from Fredericksburg. Tucker, Riley, Austin B, Kenly, Blain, and I played tag

What We Did When Mom and Dad Were in D.C.

0n the 3 of December, Mom and Dad, Bryant, Blain, Granddad, and I went to D.C. to watch a movie and a lecture. Us kids stayed at Granddad and Grandmother’s house. we played lego and watched 3 videos. They got back on the 5th.

What We Did On Thanksgiving

On Thanksgiving we had Uncle Eric, Aunt Jeannine, Grandmother, Granddad, and the Woods boys over for the day. We played Lego and built forts out of blue pads downstairs. At the end of the day( it was below freezing) Uncle Eric dumped water on the patio and it froze so we could slide. In the shed we found two boogie sleds and we took turns with them.


the ice

the ice