Archives for January 2014

Sledding in the Snow!

On the 29 of January, it snowed more than last time it snowed. We like sledding down the front porch and then hitting a jump we made. Sometimes, we can get air.

3rd Sunday

2 days ago ( the 20 of January), we went to meeting with Grandmother &Granddad because Dad is laid up laying down in bed(!). We got to get our plates and bowls. We spied a lot. We played hockey.

December Camp

On the 26 of December, we went to December camp. We went early because we had to set up the sound stuff. We brought balls to play ball tag. The balls were wierd vollyballs.  We made plates and bowls. I made Lightning McQueen(Ka-chow!).

A Fictional Story

Once upon a time we were fighting in a war, and then it started snowing. The enemy started slipping and we won.

New Year’s Cliché Party

At New Year’s, we had a cliché party. Everybody dressed up as a cliché. Brooks came as ” A few fries short of a happy meal” and was dressed up as a McDonald’s french fry box with only two fries in it, so it was a few fries short of a happy meal! We had a scavenger hunt.

A Fictional Story

From now on I am going to write a fictional story AND what I’ve been doing. Here’s one that involves George Washington and his men when they cross the Delaware. George Washington was appointed general. He decided that he wanted to sneak up on the British. So, He crossed the Delaware in a bathtub(but forgot to plug the drain!).

Fiction by Cooper Hull