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What I Want To Do At Florida

We are going to Florida! I want to go to the beach.  We are going to stop at uncle Jeff’s house in South Carolina. It has a swimming pool. We are going with grandmother and granddad in uncle David’s 15 passenger van. We are going to Legoland! We already know what we are going to do at Legoland. Dad and Mom got an app that you can plan your trip to Legoland. Grandmother and granddad have already been there with the Woods boys. We might stay at Legoland for two days. Dad is going to Florida for a conference. 

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Our Big Snow and Oylmpics

On the 10 of February we made a bobsledding coarse to have an Oylmpic-like round of games. We did bobsledding, snowboarding, figure skating, speed skating, and skeloton. We did the oylmics with our neighbors. We also had a snow war but it was not in the oylmpics. When we were done playing outside, Mom made us doughnuts and hot chocolate.


On the 12 we made oobleck. It was goooy and sticky. If you punched it it would be hard but if you held it in your hand it would change into a liquid. We had fun with it. It was green.


A Fictional Story

Napoleon Bonaparte tried to attack the British army tanks and apache helicopters with a wooden boat. Of coarse, he failed. His boat blew out from under him, but he was rescued by a speedboat. Then, he got army tanks and apache helicopters.

Learning to play the Bass Guitar

On the 25 of January, I learned to play the bass guitar. We have some Flemish song that are PERFECT for playing along with! Not to brag, but I am really good. I built a lego bass that looks like ours. Ours is 4 in. shorter than a normal bass so we could reach the C note.

Me playing the Bass

Me playing the Bass