Archives for April 2014

Our New Motorhome

On the 3 of April, we got a motorhome. Its one of those big ones with the vertical front. There is a BIG 3 door storage bay that we play in. There are DVD players on the bunks. It is 3 feet longer than our last one. It is neat. It is a Freightliner™ body.

Our Florida Trip

On the 2 of March, We left for Florida and Uncle Jeff’s house. When we stopped at Uncle Jeff and Aunt Lori’s house, there were a couple people there. They have little yorkies. Their names are Sydney, Batman, Willow, and Madison. While we were there, Uncle Jeff showed us a boat he has. In Florida, we stayed at a Double Tree. We stayed on the top floor( not counting the pent house). Dad had a conference for two days. Then we went to LegoLand, but that is going to be on the 19 of March.

Protected: Trail of Tears/Nat Turner’s Revolt

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Cotton Gin

A few weeks ago, Bryant, Dad, and I Made a Pretend cotton gin. We put popcorn in cotton balls for raw cotton. We made it out of cardbord. We could turn a handle that if you turned it enough the popcorn would come out. 


On the 19, we did a science project that was called gluep. Mom let us play with it for a little while. we made 

Protected: China & Opium

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When Uncle Wes and Aunt Jess Were Here

On the 27th, Uncle Wes and Jess came to our house. They spent two nights at our house. On their last night we had people over. We played catch phrase. It was fun. Uncle Wes gave us fun dip candy. He ate it with us. When he had left, we saw 4 more packets. Uncle Wes is like adult version of Caden.