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My Birthday

On Saturday of last weekend we had my birthday party at Uncle David and Aunt Jennelie’s house. We went swimming with Carson, Brooks, Luke, Kenley, and Bryant. We also had an airsoft war ( with my new M-16 and pistol combo ). The teams were Carson, Luke, and I against Kenley, Bryant, and Brooks. Here is my wish list:  

Rocket motors

Airsoft bbs

Dicks sporting goods gift card

iTunes gift card

Buzz bee toys air warriors jaguar

Orange Motormax® Lamborghini aventedor

The official guide ( 25th edition) 

Kidsboro book seiries

Adventures in Oddesey album 52

Lego Mini Cooper

Lego master builders space designer kit

Lego klutz crazy action contraptions 

lego city grand prix race truck

What I am Looking Forward to doing in School

This year in school I am doing it on the computer. I got to skip 4th grade. Its realy fun. I get done in like half the time that the other kids do.

home page for my school

home page for my school