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On Saturday the 15th of November Dad and Mom went to a BRMRG ( see Mom’s post: paragraph 4) meeting. Us kids went to Sherry Martin’s house. She gave me a Harlem Globetrotters ball. About 12:30 Mom and Dad came  to pick us up. We went to Northside library for a Lego contest and The Lego Movie! I entered a lego mindstorms robot and won best in robotics. After that we were leaving and saw a hot air balloon. You might think that that is not very neat and that you see them a lot. But have you seen one almost land in the median of 29, almost land on Browns autos,  through a tree, and then we just missed when they landed! We got to see them pack it up. Keep an eye on for more info. We went all over the place.

At John’s House

On November 9 Bryant, Kaylin, Kolby, and I went to meeting with granddad and then we went to John’s house. It was fun! I got a new puzzle from April Martin. It is a 1000 piece puzzle about WWII airplanes. At John’s house we played lego, pinecone wars, and ball tag.

Houston, We Have A Problem

On the 28th of October NASA (National Aeronautics and Space Administration) launched a rocket to the ISS ( International Space Station) to resupply it. You can watch it by clicking on this link:

Picture of launch site next morning: