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For my Birthday we went camping at a state park near First Landing State Park. We rode bikes a lot. We even got a free private 6 person golf cart ride on my b-day! We called some owls with a bird call. The campground was right on the Chesapeake bay. There is a 17 mile bridge-tunnel.

My Birthday

This week we went camping for my birthday. It was really fun. I got a Camelback and a telescope. After I opened them Dad said there was one more thing. I opened the bay door and saw a violin. Mom said my jaw hit the ground!


On Sunday the 3rd, we got woken up early because we had to get ready for brickfair. Brickfair is a lego convention that has games, places to buy stuff, and also displays. While I was there I bought Ghost of Vitruvirus (Lego Movie), Kai and spinner (ninjago), and a skeleton (Pirates). I also got a spring powered mortar. It actually shoots over 8 feet!! It was really fun. I wore my brickarms shirt. Brickarms is a group that makes guns. After that we went to the air and space museum.

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First Day of School

On august 3 we started school. I am still doing it on the computer. This year I am doing Spanish. The military uses the brand I am using. Bryant is also doing school on the computer.