At the Marine Museum

On December 6th Grandmother and Granddad took Blaine, Landen, Kenley, Luke, Bryant, and I to the National Marine Museum. We went to four fast food places that day. They were McDonalds for breakfast, Krispy Kreme for doughnuts, Panda Express for dinner and Wendy’s for a frosty. It neat at the museum. There was a playset that was set up like a training course. I liked the Cold War section because of a scene that we played in.

A Fictional Story

Once upon a time we were fighting in a war, and then it started snowing. The enemy started slipping and we won.

The Vietnam Museum

On Tuesday, the 5th of February, we went to a Vietnam museum and had 1000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 tons of fun! Kenly and Landen were there. A few days later, I got my picture in The Green County Record!

Me in the newspaper

Hampton Roads Naval Museum

Saturday, 1st, Grandmother and Granddad and our family went to Hampton Roads Naval Museum. We had so much fun! There was this balloon twister and I got a sword.

My sword and I

Also, there was a battle ship called U.S.S. Wisconsin.

turret on the U.S.S Wisconsin

U.S.S. Enterprise

11-29-12. Granddad, Grandmother, and our family went down to Norfolk to tour the U.S.S. Enterprise(an aircraft carrier). It was so much fun! The part I liked was the wege board(the board that the people onbord plan where they are flying)

Our Leaf Fort

We made a leaf fort. It is neat ! True green is coming so we have to blow it down. It has walls and even a kitchen( for Kaylin)!

My Lego Tank

When two of the Woods boys were here (Kenley and Luke) Kenley bilt a lego Panzer 3 ( thats a tank). It is sooo neat! I made a mortar, a 50 Cal., and a PBSH ( Kenley gave it to me ).