For my Birthday we went camping at a state park near First Landing State Park. We rode bikes a lot. We even got a free private 6 person golf cart ride on my b-day! We called some owls with a bird call. The campground was right on the Chesapeake bay. There is a 17 mile bridge-tunnel.

My Birthday

This week we went camping for my birthday. It was really fun. I got a Camelback and a telescope. After I opened them Dad said there was one more thing. I opened the bay door and saw a violin. Mom said my jaw hit the ground!

John and James’ Birthday Party

On the 11th of October Bryant and I went to Matt and Amy Hunt’s house for John and James’ birthday party. John’s birthday was in June and James’ birthday was the day of our yard sale. We played a bunch of airsoft! Carson, Brooks, and Leyton Cox were there as well as Carter Cassiday. Allie Hunt went with Hallie Cassiday, so she was not there. James got two lego sets.

My Birthday

On Saturday of last weekend we had my birthday party at Uncle David and Aunt Jennelie’s house. We went swimming with Carson, Brooks, Luke, Kenley, and Bryant. We also had an airsoft war ( with my new M-16 and pistol combo ). The teams were Carson, Luke, and I against Kenley, Bryant, and Brooks. Here is my wish list:  

Rocket motors

Airsoft bbs

Dicks sporting goods gift card

iTunes gift card

Buzz bee toys air warriors jaguar

Orange Motormax® Lamborghini aventedor

The official guide ( 25th edition) 

Kidsboro book seiries

Adventures in Oddesey album 52

Lego Mini Cooper

Lego master builders space designer kit

Lego klutz crazy action contraptions 

lego city grand prix race truck

My Birthday

On Friday, Carson, Books, and John went home from soccer with Me. For my Birthday, I Had a sleepover. Everybody stayed until Saturday.

Kolby’s 1st Birthday

On the 31st we had Kolby’s birthday. Since Kolby is a monkey, he got a monkey cake and a monkey suit. He got a carrier and, it hapend to be the carrier that picked up the apollo 11 crew!

Our New Tent

For Dad’s birthday, Mom got him a tent that has a garage for bikes! The doors of the garage open from the top (hooks up to the top) and we could get some poles that you open the garage doors and hook the poles to the bottom of the door and make a porch. Inside the tent there is two pieces of cloth that come together and zip to make 2 rooms.

The Culpepper Airshow

Saturday, the 13 of October we went to the Culpepper Airshow and saw some warbirds fly. We had so much fun! There was a RC ( remote control ) airshow before the big one. Here is some pic’s.


Friday the 5th of October, Dad, Bryant, Kaylin, Kolby Mom, and I went to Massenutten and went summer tubeing and jumped on a bounce house. They some times shoot snow out of  big snow canons onto a hill too make us slide faster. The snow shooters got water from a lake then it freezes it and then shoots it out. It didn’t shoot while we were there.

My Birthday!

My birthday was August 17. Carson, Brooks, John, and Luke were there. My cake was a space shuttle. One of the things I got was a camera. It is black and silver. And I got a alarm clock that when you plug it in it automatically sets, and it sets on daylight saveings time.