The Airshow

On Saturday we went to Culpepper for an airshow. It was really fun. We got to see old warbirds. There was a harrier there. It was the only privatly owned harrier. Kolby, Bryant, John, Luke, Granddad, Dad, and I went. The parking was really confusing. out front they had some neat cars parked. We met a nascar wheelin driver.


For my Birthday we went camping at a state park near First Landing State Park. We rode bikes a lot. We even got a free private 6 person golf cart ride on my b-day! We called some owls with a bird call. The campground was right on the Chesapeake bay. There is a 17 mile bridge-tunnel.

My Birthday

This week we went camping for my birthday. It was really fun. I got a Camelback and a telescope. After I opened them Dad said there was one more thing. I opened the bay door and saw a violin. Mom said my jaw hit the ground!


On Sunday the 3rd, we got woken up early because we had to get ready for brickfair. Brickfair is a lego convention that has games, places to buy stuff, and also displays. While I was there I bought Ghost of Vitruvirus (Lego Movie), Kai and spinner (ninjago), and a skeleton (Pirates). I also got a spring powered mortar. It actually shoots over 8 feet!! It was really fun. I wore my brickarms shirt. Brickarms is a group that makes guns. After that we went to the air and space museum.

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Florida Trip, Part 3

Key West was warm! There was a seven mile bridge to get there. We did a lot of trolly touring. Dad rented a paddle board one day. It was fun to go all the way down there just to do 1 hour of work!We went to a beach right by the airport. There was a relay race from Miami and one of the teams was from richmond!

Florida Trip, Part 2

This is continued from Florida Trip, Part 1. The Collingsworth family was singing in a town called Hobe Sound. We got there early and parked across the road. We went and played at the beach that was ten minuets away. We took Kolby’s Cake there because it was his b-day.

Kolby  at the beach

Kolby at the beach






licking the spatula that Mom used to put on the icing.

licking the spatula that Mom used to put on the icing.

Collingsworth concert

Collingsworth concert

The next day we got to Key West.

7-mile bridge to Key West

7-mile bridge to Key West

To be continued…

Florida Trip, Part 1

On Jan 29, We left for Key West. A few days earlier, Dad got a call from a business guy. The guy works for Landmark Aviation and they were getting a new location for a Cube unit. The guy asked if Dad had checked out the new location yet. Dad said no, and so the guy texted Dad the address. Turns out that it was Key West International Airport! For months Dad had been wanting to go to Key West. So we drove down in our motorhome. A week earlier I had found out that the Collingsworth Family was singing in Avon Park, FL.  On our trip, Dad said that it would not work to go see them because it was in the middle of Florida and we were going down the east coast. “But They are having one that is more on our way”. In fact, we were going through that town anyway. So we went and saw them sing. To be continued…

New Years Party

On New years eve we went to the meeting hall for a party. We had world records and country themed foods. We also had skits. Carson Cox and I got to open and shut the curtains for everyone. We also were the stage crew for Brooks when he did jokes and threw out candy. We did a raffle and silent auction. I got iPad battleship and Bananagrams which is like scrabble without the board and you do not take turns. it was really fun.

At the Marine Museum

On December 6th Grandmother and Granddad took Blaine, Landen, Kenley, Luke, Bryant, and I to the National Marine Museum. We went to four fast food places that day. They were McDonalds for breakfast, Krispy Kreme for doughnuts, Panda Express for dinner and Wendy’s for a frosty. It neat at the museum. There was a playset that was set up like a training course. I liked the Cold War section because of a scene that we played in.

At Monticello

On Sunday the 30th Grandmother took Bryant, Rose Ellen, and I to Monticello for a free open house. The house was huge!

The house

The house

This is the house of Thomas Jefferson. There was a guy dressed up like Thomas and got to be on the news.

"Thomas" on the news (NBC 29)

“Thomas” on the news (NBC 29)

60% of the things in there are original. He made doors that when you open one both open.