At the Marine Museum

On December 6th Grandmother and Granddad took Blaine, Landen, Kenley, Luke, Bryant, and I to the National Marine Museum. We went to four fast food places that day. They were McDonalds for breakfast, Krispy Kreme for doughnuts, Panda Express for dinner and Wendy’s for a frosty. It neat at the museum. There was a playset that was set up like a training course. I liked the Cold War section because of a scene that we played in.

At Monticello

On Sunday the 30th Grandmother took Bryant, Rose Ellen, and I to Monticello for a free open house. The house was huge!

The house

The house

This is the house of Thomas Jefferson. There was a guy dressed up like Thomas and got to be on the news.

"Thomas" on the news (NBC 29)

“Thomas” on the news (NBC 29)

60% of the things in there are original. He made doors that when you open one both open.

A Fictional Story

From now on I am going to write a fictional story AND what I’ve been doing. Here’s one that involves George Washington and his men when they cross the Delaware. George Washington was appointed general. He decided that he wanted to sneak up on the British. So, He crossed the Delaware in a bathtub(but forgot to plug the drain!).

Fiction by Cooper Hull


On the 17th Uncle Brian and Aunt Casey and us went to Williamsburg. We went to the cooper! We did REV QUEST which was a thing that we thought we were working  for the Americans in a club called Crossbones Club but we were working for the british and so we joined a different club called the Eagle Club which was truly American and when we were done we got a kerchief and a coin! While we were there we saw a play.IMG_3126

IMG_3132 IMG_3131 IMG_3130




U.S.S. Enterprise

11-29-12. Granddad, Grandmother, and our family went down to Norfolk to tour the U.S.S. Enterprise(an aircraft carrier). It was so much fun! The part I liked was the wege board(the board that the people onbord plan where they are flying)

Our School Projects

Here’s some projects we did for school. First we made Chinese hanging lanterns. You get 1 sheet of 12 by 18 paper then, color a picture on it. After you do that, fold in half and on the folded side, draw a light line 1 and a half inches away from the folded side . Then every inch, starting at the open edge, cut a line, stoping at the line you made at the top. Then unfold, overlap and staple together. Then, after you do that, every 3 inches around the top punch a  hole and put 1 piece of string in every hole. Then, you hang it.

My hanging lantern

Then, we made a  puzzle for 3-D glasses. Now, we are working on a 3-D castle.

Charge Men! My Knight Dress Up.

One day, Grandmother brought over some castle stuff, like a ton of dress up, and a really old toy castle. She told us (just kidding)Granddad had been lifting a castle, but it was the toy one.

Me in my dress up

Bryant in his dress up

Viking Ships At Sunrise!

10-24-12. We made viking ships! You copy templates onto card stock. Then you color them and cut them out, glue and tape together. The paddles were the hardest.

Felix Baumgartner

Sunday the 14 of October an Austrian named Felix Baumgartner went up in a balloon to the edge of space and then skydived out! His cap-com had done it in the 1900’s from lower down.

The Culpepper Airshow

Saturday, the 13 of October we went to the Culpepper Airshow and saw some warbirds fly. We had so much fun! There was a RC ( remote control ) airshow before the big one. Here is some pic’s.