New Years Party

On New years eve we went to the meeting hall for a party. We had world records and country themed foods. We also had skits. Carson Cox and I got to open and shut the curtains for everyone. We also were the stage crew for Brooks when he did jokes and threw out candy. We did a raffle and silent auction. I got iPad battleship and Bananagrams which is like scrabble without the board and you do not take turns. it was really fun.

Science Museum of Virginia

On the 13 of December, we( Granddad, Grandmother, Dad, Mom, Ann, Landon, Blain, Bryant, Gracie, Cora, Lori ann, And I ) went to the Science Museum of Virginia. We saw a movie called Rocky Mountain Express. We also went to an exhibit called Boost! It was my favorite thing. The Train engine number in the movie was 2816 and we have a book called Rocky Mountain Railroad and I’ll bet it has 2816 in it!

The Stuart Little Play

On November 12, we saw Stuart Little. Luke was there(at the Paramount). It was from 5:30 to 6:30. The car was a mini cooper!


On the 17th Uncle Brian and Aunt Casey and us went to Williamsburg. We went to the cooper! We did REV QUEST which was a thing that we thought we were working  for the Americans in a club called Crossbones Club but we were working for the british and so we joined a different club called the Eagle Club which was truly American and when we were done we got a kerchief and a coin! While we were there we saw a play.IMG_3126

IMG_3132 IMG_3131 IMG_3130




The Sound of Music

On the 10th, Granddad, Grandmother, and our family went to the Sound of Music at CYT(Christian Youth Theater)in Richmond. Ann Marie, Rose Ellen, and Catherine Marten rode with Granddad and Grandmother. Luke, Kenly, and Josh were there. We had so much fun! I liked a part near the end of the play when a bad guy pulled a luger(a kind of German gun) on the family but didn’t shoot. I liked all of it.