What I am Looking Forward to doing in School

This year in school I am doing it on the computer. I got to skip 4th grade. Its realy fun. I get done in like half the time that the other kids do.

home page for my school

home page for my school




On the 19, we did a science project that was called gluep. Mom let us play with it for a little while. we made 

A Science Experiment We Did

On Wednesday the 20th, we did a science experiment. We separated liquids. Here are some pictures.

The project.

The project.


November Science Experiments

On the first of November, we tried a floating needle. So first you get a bowl and fill it with water. Then you get 1 square of toilet paper and put it in the bowl. Then you put a needle on it ( we did it when we put the toilet paper in). I don’t want to give all the secrets away, but the paper will drop and the needle will float on the water.


October Science Expirements

On October Secant we did a science experiment on molecules. We put hot (I tested it was hot!) Water in a jar and cold water in a jar. Then we put food coloring in. The hot water dissolved the food coloring faster then the cold water.


We made molecules out of gumdrops and marshmallows.



My ‘Bot

Today I finished my ‘bot. It is a tin can robot with eyes and arms. It can “waddle” around. We put a Coca-Cola can in his front “cage”. It uses green science. It can walk like an army water tank trailer.




In school I want to learn latin. I like science projects. In science we are learning about chemistry and atoms. We are having fun!

My Trip To Town With Granddad

Last week, Bryant and I went to town with Granddad to see Toying With Science at the Paramount Theater. After that, we went to the discovery museum and played for an hour. We had so much fun!

U.S.S. Enterprise

11-29-12. Granddad, Grandmother, and our family went down to Norfolk to tour the U.S.S. Enterprise(an aircraft carrier). It was so much fun! The part I liked was the wege board(the board that the people onbord plan where they are flying)

Our School Projects

Here’s some projects we did for school. First we made Chinese hanging lanterns. You get 1 sheet of 12 by 18 paper then, color a picture on it. After you do that, fold in half and on the folded side, draw a light line 1 and a half inches away from the folded side . Then every inch, starting at the open edge, cut a line, stoping at the line you made at the top. Then unfold, overlap and staple together. Then, after you do that, every 3 inches around the top punch a  hole and put 1 piece of string in every hole. Then, you hang it.

My hanging lantern

Then, we made a  puzzle for 3-D glasses. Now, we are working on a 3-D castle.