I am learning to play basketball! We have a little hoop downstairs that Bryant and I play on. We play 1 on 1 all the time. Do you know how they started the game??? Well, someone was throwing balls, and then he decided that he should make a game that you throw a ball into a peach basket on a pole. Nets and backboards were invented later so that the crowd wouldn’t help their favorite teams (seriously!). They later took out the net.

Federated Auto Parts 400


On Saturday the 6th we went and saw a nascar race at Richmond International Raceway ( the smallest track in nascar history :-). 43 racers were racing to qualify for the Sprint cup. Here are some drivers you might reconise that were in the 400: Jeff Gordon, Jimmie Johnson, Ryan Newman, and Dale Ernhart JR. The winner was Brad Keselowski. We went with Uncle Eric, Landen, Kenley, Luke, and Grandad.

Us on the track after the race

The crew on the track after the race

What I Want To Do For Thanksgiving

For Thanksgiving I want to have a turkey and have all my friends (Carson, Brooks, Josh, John, Kenley, and Luke) over. I also want to play four-square and lego. I want to play army.

Playing Frisbee-Football

On Sunday, we played frisbee-football at the meeting hall. We played to 15. Our team lost, but Dad’s team won.

The Soccer Game

On the 24 of October we went to a soccer game. The teams were UVA Cavilers vs Miami hurricanes. The Cavilers are the number 1 collage soccer team in the U.S. The Cavilers won 4 to 0 and set a new record of 17 wins and no losses! On Sunday they played Florida state, witch is number 3 college soccer team in the U.S. I am trying to find out who won.  I found out that Virginia won 1 to 0! So that is 18 wins 0 losses!


Us before the game

Us before the game

In the middle of the game

In the middle of the game

the Cavilers score is on the left of the scoreboard

the Cavilers score is on the left of the scoreboard

Preddy Creek Trails

On Sunday,  Jeramy And Russell invited Dad to go to Preddy Creek Trails. Dad came and so did Blaine, Uncle Philip, Bryant, and  I. We biked at least 4.47 miles! We had fun because they invited us.


On Thursday we do soccer for P.E. We go to Barbersville Community Park to play. We use chairs for goals but might get soccer goals. We Have fun!